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Alice is a refugee from Lebreaus village who fled when it was attacked by dragons and dragon cultists.

She is a shorter woman with a long face, but pleasant appearance. She has curly strawberry-blonde hair, and has the build of a woman familiar with farm-work.

Alice was out working in the fields when the Dragon Cult attacked her village. She fled into the forest and was caught in a bear trap set by the Iron Claw orc tribe. She was able to heal there but the clan's matriarchs felt that even though it is not unheard of for human women to be taken as wives, Alice would not survive in the tribe because their ways would be very harsh for her. On orders from the matriarchs, Ollem took Alice and fled to Alivast. Alice was able to enter Alivast because of Ollem's insistence.

Alice has moved on from the Sweet Dragon and now works at Irman Orchards outside the city. She tends the apple trees there and is also hoping to get a job brewing cider in the city during the off season.

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Alice is a very normal, simple woman who craves a mundane life of farming because its what she is most comfortable doing. She's willing to work at the Sweet Dragon in the short term until she can find an opportunity more to her liking.

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Ollem Edit

Ollem is an indigenous Alivastian orc and is gray in color. He wears a sabertooth cat cowl and hide armor made from boar skin and carries a boar spear. He is from the Iron Claw clan that lives to the immediate north of the city. He speaks Orcish primarily and very little Common.
Alice fan art by @ForteSp89

Alice fan art by @ForteSp89

He hunts boar and bear and lived with his clan until Alice was found in their territory. He was told by the clan matriarchs to take her to Alivast. For his action of stealing one of the chief's wives, Ollem earned exile from the clan, but he was willing to do it because it was the orders of the matriarchs. Ollem has acted as Alice's protector during their trip. When he came to the Sweet Dragon with her, his main concern was for her to get work and be secure, putting his own needs aside.

The Unexpectables Edit

Alice was hired to be a server at The Sweet Dragon at Ollem's insistence. She hasn't gotten to interact with the boys much, but Scarbles has been training her on serving tables. She was not happy as a waitress and took the job to get through the winter until she could get farm work. She has resigned and left their employ.

Trivia Edit

  • Alice's favorite food is cherry pie.
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