The continent of Alivast is a vast, diverse, unexplored land. It's indigenous orcs call it Uk'vashl which roughly translates to "Land of Everything". One of the largest known urban center on the continent is the City of Alivast, where pioneers, settlers, and adventurers first travel before setting out into the rest of the continent.

History Edit

Alivast is a newly discovered continent - literally less than a decade ago. It was first discovered by Captain Canary and his ship, and was further scouted by Northlanders. The Orc Clans call this land Uk'Vashl, which roughly approximates to "The Land of Everything." The current name was given by Canary not long after landing.

Prior to its present colonization, Alivast shows signs of older civilizations in the form of various ruins. There are also native gray orc tribes who inhabit secluded areas on the continent.

Climate and Terrain Edit

The climate and terrain of Alivast vary greatly. The closest real world analogue would be British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

The Geography of Alivast is incredibly varied and can potentially include all types of natural and unnatural features. In general, the city and inhabited regions are on the eastern edge of the continent which borders the ocean. The largest population center is the city of Alivast which sits on a sound off of Canary's Channel between it and outlying islands, including the island of Canary's Perch.

Winters in Alivast (at least around the city) are sudden and come with a single, violent dump of snow - quite literally a rolling black cloud washes over the countryside and dumps a two-foot blanket of snow in an instant.

Indigenous Races Edit

There are no indigenous humans on Alivast, their civilization being destroyed long ago due to various cataclysms and intentional extermination. The land is still populated by orcs, goblins, gnolls, giants, and others intelligent races, though they tend towards more "savage" behavior or have cultures that are not conducive to peaceful co-existence with the newcomer settlers and colonists. There are also substantial triton populations in the sea nearby who are also generally not friendly and often are sea-going bandits.

Native Orc Clans Edit

  • Ironclaw Clan - Northern Central Region
  • Bloodaxe Clan - Northern Region
  • Doubletusk Clan - Western Region
  • Coastal Orc Clan - Eastern Region

Kobolds Edit

Goblinoids Edit

Known Settlements Edit

Cities Edit

Towns and Villages Edit

Landmarks Edit

  • Crawford's Deep
  • Everbright Mountain
  • Briar's Glen
  • Raunfalt's Castle

Temples Edit

  • Temple of Oreyara - Near Balton Village
  • Hoketh Temple of the Harvest Man - Near Rosindee Village
  • Underground Temple of Orun - Near Deep Woods Settlement, also a passage into the Alivast Underdark.
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