The city guards of Alivast are composed primarily of Paladins of Avan, though nearly all professions are represented and there is no religious requirement.  They are led by Brorc Bronze-Fang and consist of gate guards, clerks and specialists, and patrolling squads.  They will often operate outside the city in the rural areas, providing a certain degree of law and order to the surrounding countryside.

They operate multiple facilities in the city ranging from guardposts to holding cells to a large prison facility.

The guard always seems to be overworked and short handed, and frequently turn to adventurers such as The Unexpectables to provide additional resources fighting crime and keeping the city secure.  Captain Doros' squad in particular has two unofficial, yet regular members that provide special skills they otherwise lack.


Lower DistrictsEdit

  • Doros (Captain and High-Paladin)
  • Grenelda (Lieutenant)
  • Sebastian Strong (Corporal)
  • Ienford (Corporal - was promoted and transferred into Stendin's squad Ep 103/PC 90)
  • Welch (Private / Civilian Worker)
  • Hellina (Civilian Worker - now Private Clerical Guard as of Ep 103/PC 90)
  • Skulk - (Junior Officer / Rehabilitating Smuggler)

Middle DistrictsEdit

  • Stendin (former Captain)
  • Borf
  • Cole - tall human man with brown hair that sticks up in a sharp spike pompadour. He has been good sounding board for Hellina's anxieties.
  • Ienford was transferred to Stendin's squad after receiving a promotion.
  • Kay (Anti-Mage 2nd Level, now promoted to Captain)

Other GuardsEdit


  • Grenelda refers to unofficial guard members, such as Welch and Hellina, as "strays."
  • There is no official military ranking system within the guard, but titles are awarded based in personal accomplishment.
  • Paladins of any council seated order can warrant an arrest, but ultimately it's the Avan Clergy that deals out the justice.
  • Most guards get 2 days off a week, but civilian officers, such as Welch, and Royal officers such as Sebastian Strong get additional time off.
  • A guard named "Cody" has been named as part of Stendin's Squad. This was a slip of the tongue and all mentions of Cody refer to Cole.
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