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God of knowledge and intelligence and study. The clergy of Almon operate free libraries.

Unfortunately, not many representatives have arrived in Alivast yet. They're a little wary of new lands since they present dangers to school and the books potentially stored there. When The Unexpectables returned from Rune's Rest, Willow informed them that a new library operated by the Almon clergy had opened in the Lower Crafting District and a librarian named Mary was researching the book Panic retrieved from Captain Bladefoot's quarters.

Clergy and Practices Edit

Almon Symbol fan art by Deedah

Almon Symbol fan art by Deedah

One of the goals of Almon followers is not to spread faith, but spread knowledge to the world. They're well loved by the other clergies since they offer free lessons in writing and math to anyone who seeks to learn. In more cultivated lands these lessons are required, like modern schooling. Once the Almon Clergy is established in a country schools, libraries, and museums crop up, offering education for free. Almon followers love to teach, and in turn see people learn. Almon followers do not set up temples like other clergies, but instead consider any place where knowledge is stored or taught to be sacred, such as libraries, schools, or museums.

Notable Followers Edit

  • Mary - a friend of Willow who works at the Almon Library
  • Raghu - a jovial man from Ruba and follower of Azra Sahar
  • Jozah Muhirad - wood elf high priest of the Almon temple in Alivast and member of the Council

Trivia Edit

  • Compasses fall under the domain of Almon
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