The Alton region is a region in the world that consists of several small states ruled by jarls, and a few larger countries with different governmental systems. The region has been somewhat of a hot spot in recent history. The previous leaders of Eltmur had begun to show imperialistic tendencies, and tried to take over the entire region. They hadn't conquered all of Alton before they were overthrown by The Silver King, but they had significantly expanded the country's borders.

A force of potential order or chaos in the region (depending on your perspective) are United Clergy of Orun members that seek to spread their beliefs through conversion.

Prominent CharactersEdit

  • The Silver King - The present ruler of Eltmur which is sometimes referred to as The Silver King's Kingdom.
  • Redmond Bell - The ambassador of Eltmur to Alivast. He provided the city of Alivast with a large statue of the Silver King.
  • Bizmati Printash - The leader of a mercenary company that serves as the representative of King Agustus Chelstonia on the Alivast Council.

Prominent LocationsEdit

  • Eltmur - An expansionist monarchy until the Silver King took power.
  • Valithea - A smaller kingdom and ancestral home of Remy. Occupied by Eltmur until recently.
  • Buldur - A dwarven kingdom with a mountainous coastline.
  • Chelstonia - One of the larger countries in the region, it is governed by King Agustus Chelstonia. It shares a border with Buldur, and is a relatively peaceful neutral nation.


  • Monty compared Chelstonia to Brittain and noted that its citizens branch out in many different directions.
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