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Anna is a single mother living in Humbrack Village. Her newborn child, Thomas, is the only family of note she has, as the child's father does not seem to be in the picture. She first met The Unexpectables when Thomas was stolen by hags that dwell in the swamp at the edge of the village.

Anna appears to craft quilts for a living, given the number of extra blankets, quilts and covers she keeps in her home.

When Monster's Culling came hunting Thomas, Anna fled with him, but was gravely wounded by an arrow. Anje got her to his cave, but lacked the skills to remove the arrow and heal her. Fortunately, The Unexpectables arrived and were able to save her in time.

After the defeat of the Culling, Anna and Thomas were taken by Tiengo and Quarion to a safe house in Alivast.

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Thomas Edit

Her infant son, Thomas is the only family Anna has after the boy's father disappeared. Anna appears to love Thomas very much, evidenced by her reaction when told by The Unexpectables that Thomas is more than he seems. While initially in shock, she pleads with the group not to tell the rest of the village out of fear for Thomas' safety should anyone else know the truth.

Tony Edit

Avryman contacted Tony via Quarion and paid him to send regular reports on Anna and Thomas' welfare. Tony fell in love with Anna and loves Thomas despite not being his biological father. It is unknown if Anna returns his feelings or even knows about them. Panic Grimtongue gave Tony the sending stone amulet she used to contact him.

Avryman Edit

Avryman is the father of Thomas. The details of their relationship with Anna was presumably consensual though Avryman's very nature means that there was no small amount of deception involved. When Anna moved out to Humbrack, Avryman was not happy, but allowed her to go. Avryman described her as a "particularly wonderul woman". It is unclear if Avryman has any actual affection for Anna aside for her role in ensuring the baby's survival at this point in time.

Trivia Edit

  • Anna lived in Alivast at some point prior to Humbrack which is where she first met Avryman
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