Athena is a Dragonborn Paladin of Orthoc who lives in Alivast, and as of her father's passing, the leader of the Orthoc temple in Alivast.

She first interacted with the Unexpectables when she was hired to deal with the hotspots of necrotic energy that had been popping up around the beds of the Sweet Dragon Inn's staff, but was unsuccessful in finding the real culprit.

She was first properly met and introduced by Greckles bumping into her during her father's funeral procession, and later Task while she sat at her father's grave, who vowed to help her in any way he could, and Athena tasked him with helping improve the Temple's knowledge by finding artifacts on Orthoc.


Athena is very much her father's daughter, in that she projects serenity even in stressful situations. However she realizes the enormity of the work in front of her, and of the shoes she is attempting to fill. As a result, she harbors severe doubts on whether or not she can actually perform to the level expected of her; not just for herself, but for all scalefolk.



Tranquilisaint was Athena's father, who previously held the position of head of the temple. Tranquilisaint knew his final days were nearing, and urged Task to be a friend to her in her time of need, believing he had done all he could in life to prepare her for inheriting the position.


Task sought out Athena at Tranquilisaint's request shortly after he was interred to his final resting place. He offered condolences and his services as a mercenary, tracker, and person to her if she ever needed anything.

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