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Athtar is a Paladin who oversaw the operations of the United Clergy Base, often directly overseeing raids in order to decide the final fates of the crews his parties would pick up; usually killing them via burning them alive, slitting their throats, or dumping them into the ocean whilst tied up, the third option being the one he chose for The Unexpectables.

Prior to Remy's encounter with Gruul and his tribe, he had successfully split the Blood of Gnash tribe in order to gain further workers for his camp.

Athtar was a frighteningly effective commander, who used heavy armor and shield as well as magic to further increase his defense. He carried an extremely ornate spear with a banner on it. In addition to spellcasting he could emanate an explosive wave of flame which according to him was "Orun's Embrace" and wouldn't burn those who had enough faith in the sun god, when in reality people he counted as his followers would be spared its effects. The orc leader Snaglak was seared by his flames despite his claims to serve Orun.

Fate finally came for Athtar, as the Unexpectables, their friends old and new, and even a pair of deserter clerics were able to overcome him, and it was Borky who finally slew him, decapitating him with Raunfalt.

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Borky defeats Athtar by @Boo Rad13y

Borky defeats Athtar by @Boo Rad13y

Borky strikes his final blow against Athtar, Herald of the Sun. Fan animation by @Boo_Rad13y

Athtar appeared to be a cruel, but calculated true believer in the United Orun Clergy's methods and a frighteningly effective strategist, able to divide and conquer an entire orc tribe in one combat and having had a hand in over 300 deaths.

He was exceptionally callous with those who did not show him absolute loyalty, which he tested in combat through use of his unique abilities.

Trivia Edit

  • When Athtar died, his body did not bleed blood but released an almost mycelium-like dark grey ichor that expanded out like foam but dissipated when touched.
  • Borky mounted Athtar's head on his spear in triumph. Panic then took the heads of Athtar and Westcott the Cruel and held them up in a mocking display to the fleeing UOC forces. He then preceded to throw the heads into the ocean.
  • The music used for his boss battle was "Split in Synapse" by Kevin Macleod
  • Athtar did recognize the party when they attacked the camp, but only "as an exterminator would recognize a roach they failed to kill."
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