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Ausphelos is a tiefling of bone devil lineage and because of this has a disturbing appearance that many consider terrifying. He has taken the habit of wearing a bronze mask at all times with a serene face on it. He dresses well, and has a certain alien grace to his movements. Due to his heritage, his face resembles a humanoid skull and his build is almost skeletal. He also possesses a long tail with a poisonous stinger at the end but keeps it covered with a bronze cap to avoid accidents.

His previous work was with a travelling circus where his appearance was more acceptable as a performer. He applied for work at the Sweet Dragon because he had heard that the tavern was an accepting space for "oddities".

Personality Edit

Ausphelos is a bit nervous around others. He is quite pleasant, but his history of being treated as a freak and outcast has left him nervous and reclusive. He greatly wants to prove himself as capable of things beyond sideshow entertainment and takes a great deal of pride in his appearance and polite mannerisms. He is very aware how off-putting his appearance can be and prefers to wear his mask to avoid disturbing others.

He has a knack for organization and leadership that comes from experience working tight schedules and managing the complicated logistics of circus setup and teardown.

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Sweet Dragon Edit

Ausphelos was given the job as the head innkeeper for the Sweet Dragon's inn rooms.

Trivia Edit

Ausphelos fanart by @RasilaTommi

Ausphelos fanart by @RasilaTommi

  • Ausphelos enjoys playing cards and doing card tricks.
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