Avan is the god of valor and justice.  Avan paladins in Alivast (the continent) commonly come from the Greypeaks.

In Alivast (the city) Avan Paladins form the core of the City Guard though membership is not required.

Clergy and Practices Edit

Avan Symbol fan art by Deedah

Avan Symbol fan art by Deedah

Education Edit

Young members of the Avan clergy learn literacy through recording and copying reports.

Marriage Rites Edit

A common part of courtship for many members of Avan's clergy is a challenge.  A member of the Avan clergy will carry the person they wish to marry up a mountain and propose at its peak.  If the devotee can carry their love without dropping them or putting them down, the marriage will be blessed and any children it produces will be strong and healthy.  In other cases, the bride and groom walk together, which blesses the marriage with being strong and long lasting. If both spouses are members of the clergy it's heavily respected if they walk together up the mountain.

Named Followers Edit

Zallivavos Edit

Zallivavos, the God Mountain, is a celestial of Avan that is a mountain in the central range of Tracadia. They are the celestial parent of Brorc Bronze-Fang.

Trivia Edit

  • United Clergy of Orun zealots sometimes take issue with Avan followers because mountains by their very nature can block the sun and therefore Orun's gaze on the world.  Other (non-UCoO) Orun worshipers don't have this hang-up.
  • Avan's original working name in Monty's notes was Bacara
  • Avan Paladins will sometimes accept duels.
  • While they aren't necessarily considered sacred, followers of Avan love marmots.
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