Background Edit

Avan's Cup is a coffee shop owned and operated by Charlie Warden, retired Guard Captain of Tracadia Capitol. The shop is frequently by the city guard captains Stendin and Doros as well as their squads.

The small shop is decorated all manner of decorations including some gaudy paintings and a pillar in the center of the room with an ornate, silvered sword on it with a plaque noting that it was a retirement gift for Charlie. There are a few four person tables and six stools at the counter. There is also a back area behind the counter.

Menu Edit

The shop sells a variety of coffee and tea drinks, and for special customers Charlie offers a "Privacy Special" which is him closing up the shop to other customers to allow the requester time away from the prying eyes and curious ears of others.

The Special Edit

Solly orders the "special" which Charlie offers to make in front of her. It consists of honey, cinnamon, and frothy milk.
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