Balton Village is a small, walled village that sits east of the City of Alivast. It can be reached by taking the "Mariner's Trail" which runs between the shore and the largely unexplored Seabreeze Wildlands but most commonly it is reached by sea via Canary's Channel which runs between the mainland and the island of Canary's Perch. It sits near a dwarven mine, has a pantheon temple where all religions are provided for, and seems to be relatively self-sufficient. More interesting than the town's contents is the way the town is managed. Each resident is responsible for a different town job each week, rotating between tasks such as guard duty or mine work. Should the alliance between The Blood of Gnash and Alivast become official, the town will work on building a road from Balton Village to the clan's new camp. The town is known to do seasonal trade with a trio of Blue Kobolds who run The Shuck in Alivast.

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