"I will be a good worker. it was what I was made to do."~ Big Guy

Construct 8 "Big Guy," is a construct built by Artimus that gained sentience after a series of murders in Alivast.

Construct 8 appears to be built to act as a porter, large and capable of moving heavy loads. In the wake of the events of the second adventure arc, Construct 8 found itself with no one to tell it to move anything. Eventually, Construct 8 heard a voice which asked what they wanted to do. Construct 8 decided they wanted to make horseshoes to help horses because the horses also helped move things.

Construct 8 later made their way to the smithy across from the Unexpectables guildhall and told the smith that they wanted to learn to make horseshoes. This drew a crowd of people concerned about the unusual activity due to recent events. The Unexpectables arrived soon after and helped disperse the worries of the crowd, after which the smith took on "Big Guy" as an apprentice.

Big Guy is mentioned as being extremely interested in a temple of Oreyara opening by Log.


Artimus and other ConstructsEdit

Artimus created all the Constructs in Alivast, including Construct 8.

Big guy considers all constructs brothers and sisters.

Ben Edit

Ben is Big Guy's employer and supervises his work at the blacksmith. Ben is a bit bemused by his subordinate's quirks, but is very patient with him. Ben and Big Guy sometimes eat lunch together at The Sweet Dragon.

Big Guy arrived at a rough time in Ben's life. Just two days before he came to work for Ben, the smith received word that his son had been killed in action against the fire giants. Big Guy's presence has been a real help during this difficult time. During the winter sled race, Ben asked Big Guy to pair with him. In past years Ben and his son would enter.


  • Ben says that even though Big Guy doesn't eat, he orders food when they go out to lunch. He thinks the construct does that because he wants to fit in.
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