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"I'm just saying there's no concern about the nature of Paraton, they've done no real threat to us." ~ Bizmati Printash

Bizmati Printash is the leader of a mercenary company operating in Alivast that represents the interests of King Agustus Chelstonia from the country of the same name. She has a seat on the Council. She is a blue dragonborn who wears armor adorned with the royal symbol of Chelstonia across it.

Personality Edit

Bizmati is a canny political operator with unknown motives. She presents a face that is dismissive of non-standard races, but seems to have no problems feeling out the Unexpectables with a polite, yet pointed warning and smile.

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The Unexpectables Edit

"I'll be careful who you pick sides with." ~ Bizmati

Bizmati tried to get the group to spill their reasons for meeting with Edward, but fortunately Task had overheard her conversation and they stonewalled her. She later showed up at the Council tribunal that was deliberating on the evidence for Paraton's acts of piracy and aggression. She was skeptical, though yielded to the burden of evidence, but she did attempt to get the party to expose Edward Enrobso as the one who set them on the mission that led to the encounter with the United Clergy of Orun's forces. She also protested the extent of their reward for the information and defeat of the UCoO's forces.

Edward Enrobso Edit

Bizmati used very strong words with Edward, and implied that he had something to do with the eclipse. She dismissed any idea that Paraton could be hostile and disparaged the information because of the races involved, exhibiting a racist viewpoint shared by people that oppose the Racial Inclusion Program. She attempts to threaten Edward with getting the Nerasmun Collective expelled from Alivast, a threat he does not take seriously due to the Collectives very integral position in Alivast's economy.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite her generally detestable nature, Edward Enrobso says she is not part of the Dragon Cult which makes her motives even more mysterious.
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