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Bjornson, Son of Olafson is the chieftain of a settlement of Northlanders that live about a day's travel up the coast from the City of Alivast. He and his family and fellows live in a communal longhouse and subsist through hunting and fishing and occasionally selling their excess in Alivast at festivals.

He is a heavily bearded blond man and stands almost as tall as Borky. His nature is jovial and carefree, frequently making jokes or fooling others into thinking he is angry when he is actually quite amused.

Bjornson told the Unexpectables that the Northlanders arrived on the continent of Alivast as scouts and explorers before other settlers and colonists.

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Family Edit

Bjornson has a wife, Syndra The All-Watcher, who is heavily pregnant and not in the mood for his shenanigans, a daughter, Bratya, and son, Jasil, Son of Bjornson, who is five. His sister, Frelda Oceanspeaker, is also part of his household and she also does not put up with his shenanigans. Compared to Bjornson, Syndra and Frelda are much more reserved, especially when it comes to the threat of fey magic.

Halfdan One-With-Bear Edit

Halfdan is part of Bjornson's group and the two get along well and hunt together. Halfdan is interested in Bjornson's sister, Frelda, but she has rejected his advances.

Olga Spiritcaller Edit

Olga is Bjornson's grandmother and serves as shaman for the settlement.

Trivia Edit

  • Bjornson explains the women of the household are very nervous about certain types of magic because fey creatures try to charm them away and are an ongoing concern.
  • As his name means "Son of Bjorn", his father's full name is most likely Bjorn Olafson.
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