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Boldrush and Oogrush are twin orc brothers. Like all orcs in the Northland, they are grayish-white. They are part of the Northlander settlement up the coast from Alivast.

Boldrush and Oogrush escaped their clan at some point because they were going to be sacrificed because they were twins.

They are skilled at fishing and sailing a large ocean-going canoe along the coast.

Relationships Edit

Bjornson, Son of Olafson Edit

The twins are equal part Bjornson's clan and live with them in the longhouse.

Borky Edit

Borky takes to the twins immediately and greatly enjoys his fellowship with them in the longhouse during the celebration of Task's successful Man-Trial. He manages to expertly chest bump them when first meeting them. He later tells them about his morning ritual, and they join him in it while they are transporting the Unexpectables back to Alivast.

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