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Bright is Willow's Barchoba familiar who lives with her in her arcanium at The Sweet Dragon. He was discovered in the form of a glowing greatsword known as the War Mage's Vengeance which was in the possession of Eltmur loyalists. The sword was used by Borky to combat their summoned demons and the Somalisk assassin sent by Mel. When the sword shattered, the Barchoba inside was freed and selected Willow as his master. Not long after, Borky named him "Bright" after the holy glow that he radiates.

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To those unable to communicate with Bright, he seems to be little more than a simple animal-like spirit with a disposition not unlike that of a chinchilla. However, Bright can communicate telepathically with both his master and his wielder. These conversations reveal Bright to have a calm and professional demeanor, though he still enjoys simple pleasures such as being pet.

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Eltmur Royalists Edit

Bright has no love for the allies of the old royal family as they were responsible for the death of his previous master. They also locked up his sword form so that he would be unable to take vengeance against them. Thankfully, he was carried into battle by Borky and claimed vengeance.

Borky Edit

Bright the Barchoba fan art by @Dark E Arts

Bright the Barchoba fan art by @Dark_E_Arts

Borky discovered the War Mage's Vengeance not too long after the unfortunate shattering of his favorite weapon, "Ol' Faithful." Borky was excited by the potential of the new weapon and by the fact that it realized his longtime dream of discovering a powerful talking sword. Borky is the vehicle through which Bright took vengeance for his old master, met his new master, received his current name, and traveled to Everbright Mountain in pursuit of Willow. Bright has a respect and appreciation for Borky, who he refers to as his wielder. Thanks to this connection, Borky is able to engage in psychic conversation with the spirit.

Willow Edit

Willow is Bright's current master and top priority. He helps willow when doing magic experiments and assists with menial tasks. Over time, the two have forged a psychic connection that allows them to communicate telepathically and access each others' memories. Bright is also able to use this link to track Willow, see through her eyes and evaluate her physical health. Bright made the decision to hitch a ride in Borky's jacket up Everbright Mountain to ensure Willow would come back safe.

Lily Edit

Lily was given the opportunity to pet Bright by Borky when he revealed himself to have traveled alongside them. Lily thinks Bright is adorable and Bright thinks Lily gives wonderful pats.

Trivia Edit

  • Barchoba were designed with elements of microorganisms magnified and fluorescing under a microscope as well as elements of rabbits, chinchilla, and amber.
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