Brimfang is a young red dragon and a member of the Dragon Cult. He and another young red dragon were originally meant to give their services to the United Clergy of Orun as a way to help seal an alliance between the Clergy and the Dragon Cult. However he and the rest of cultist he was traveling with were intercepted by the Unexpectables and Gruul mid exchange with the clergy representatives. In the ensuing battle, Brimfang was captured by the Unexpectables and brought back to Gruul's camp. He was charmed by Zenrio and interrogated by Task. revealing that Darkus was the leader of the Dragon Cult.

After the battle against the United Clergy Base, Brimfang was slaughtered and eaten. His horns, claws, and teeth were saved by the Blood of Gnash and Task was gifted a section of his hide large enough to make a hat and gloves or a pair of boots.

Brimfang Zenrio Task fan art 1 by @MrCanadianDonut

Brimfang Zenrio Task fan art 1 by @MrCanadianDonut

Brimfang Zenrio Task fan art 2 by @MrCanadianDonut

Brimfang Zenrio Task fan art 2 by @MrCanadianDonut

Brimfang Zenrio Task fan art 3 by @MrCanadianDonut

Brimfang Zenrio Task fan art 3 by @MrCanadianDonut

Personality Edit

Like many red dragons, Brimfang is arrogant, vain, and bloodthirsty, desiring to prove himself by one day burning down entire villages and building his own horde.

Flavor Edit

Due to his natural resistance to fire, Brimfang took an incredibly long time to cook. He was seasoned with sea salt and herbs indigenous to the area. After thoroughly roasting, all the meat taken from him had the texture and consistency of dried jerky, but varied in taste depending on which part of the body it was cut from. There was plenty to go around and some strips were saved as rations by the Unexpectables.

Relations Edit

Task Edit

Brimfang holds great contempt for Task and takes great pleasure in taunting the kobold ranger, gleefully informing him that his quarry is none other than the leader of the dragon cult. When Task casually mentioned Insdroc, Brimfang got angry and told Task he was not worthy of speaking the dragon god's name. Task was given a sheet of Brimfang's leather by the Blood of Gnash as a gift and helped himself to some dragon offal.

Zenrio Edit

Brimfang Zenrio Task fanart by @jojiesenpai 18

Brimfang Zenrio Task fanart by @jojiesenpai_18

Zenrio if possible wants to keep Brimfang alive on the grounds that killing out of revenge perpetuates a vicious cycle. Zenrio manages to cast Charm upon Brimfang, which for a time made Brimfang open to talking with the triton. Brimfang however remains unwilling to change his destructive ways for Zenrio, even under the effects of the spell. Zenrio came to terms with the fact that even if Brimfang promised to stay cool, he would probably cause more trouble if set free and didn't protest the orc's feast plans.


Brimfang absolutely despises Sosorin and even mentioning the ancient red dragon's name is enough to send Brimfang into a rage. In Brimfang's eyes, Sosorin is a traitor to all red dragonkind and someone who abandoned everything it means to be a member of their race.

Brimfang Zenrio Task fanart 2 by @jojiesenpai 18

Brimfang Zenrio Task fanart 2 by @jojiesenpai_18

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