Canary Channel is long, narrow bay or sound that connects Alivast to the ocean. It is frequented by ships making their way to and from Alivast, as it is the last stop for many before the open ocean. It is also a fairly convenient way to get to certain coastal towns in Alivast, such as Balton Village. It was presumedly named by Captain Canary, as was most of the areas within the Channel.

Canary Deep official map by @MontyGlu

Canary Deep official map by @MontyGlu

While many experienced sailors can get through the Channel with no problem, the Channel isn't exactly what one would consider safe. Canary Channel has a large pirate population that is primarily made of Triton, though there has long been a horde of seafaring and searaiding orcs who take no prisoners. Deep under the water, vents of pure magic pour into the waters, which can have unpredictable effects on the wildlife and people underneath.

Named Locations Edit

  • Canary Cove - Considered one of the most dangerous parts of the Channel. The Bronze Dragon Frivayne lives in a cave near here.
  • Canary's Deep - A stretch of deep water in the channel that has plenty of sand dunes. It is here where many of the vents spewing magic are found. Zenrio and his parents have an Oyster farm in the southeast of the region.
  • Canary's Perch - Canary Island isn't a natural island, but rather a massive amalgam of destroyed and condemned ships that have been cobbled together, with a large central ship pitched on it's side in the middle. Many pirates and sellswords gather here.
  • Dark Dragon Deep - A deep abyssal trench in the channel that has no light and terrifyingly large creatures looming just out of sight. It also contains beautiful luminescent sea creatures and a substantial village of merfolk. The skeletonized remains of a massive ancient bronze dragon rest on the sea floor and give the area its name. Near the merfolk village is an underwater geyser that shoots up through a rocky chimney and provides a quick, but very violent way to reach the surface.
  • Storm Giant's Cradle - A massive cave northwest of Canary's Deep, and home of Cinlas Cascadia. The cave has an air pocket where Cinlass' home exists.
  • United Clergy Base - Recently, the United Clergy of Orun have used the Channel to begin raiding Alivastian shipping vessels and slaughter their crews. This island acts as a staging ground. The Clergy is building a palisade and has two raiding ships based there. The area isn't completely secret as its location is known to groups they've allied with, including some coastal orcs and even traders from Alivast.

Notable Inhabitants Edit

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