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Captain Christopher Canary is an important figure in Alivast's history. He is accredited with the discovery of the continent of Alivast, is the founder of the city, and then the naming of much of the outlying waterways around the city that cropped up around it, such as Canary's Perch, and the Canary Channel. He later brought Northlanders to Alivast in order to scout out the eastern seaboard of the continent.

He has a beard "like a perfect man", in a friend's words.

Spoilers - Episode 114 / Podcast 101
Canary was in fact drawn to the shores of Alivast by the last vestiges of the dead god Lysalivast, who drew him to the shores of the forgotten continent in a final, desperate attempt to escape the clutches of the Gnoll Tribe who were under the control of the demigod of greed and want; Stillhavity, and captured the artifact that housed an aspect of it. He then built the city of Alivast around the pieces, which became the Attic.

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Little is known of his personality, but he is spoken of quite fondly by those who knew him, even forces that directly opposed him spoke of him as "a heart filled with wonder". He is also not above inviting those who helped Alivast become what it is today to hobnob with Alivastian locals.

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Bjornson Edit

Bjornson and the Northlander settlement as a whole owes quite a great deal to Captain Canary, who brought them to the continent in the first place, and also invited them to the Silver King's ball, where they were allowed to make their own food.

Tai Borpington Edit

Tai Borpington worked on his ship; The Canary as the cook. He only rarely interacted with him as the distance between.

Lys Edit

Spoilers - Episode 114 / Podcast 101
Captain Canary saved the dying god from certain doom at the hands of worshippers of Stillhavity, and built the city around the pieces of Lys. The Arcanoloth surmised that Canary knew of Lys' true identity, and considered it a friend.

Trivia Edit

  • His vessel was called The Canary.
  • He is often seen with a wide-brim hat with a large feather coming out of it.
  • His beard is legendary.
  • It's a bit of a running joke that for being such a famous person, the party has never really bothered to inquire about him
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