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Clarence Warhol was a Privateer Tradesman of the Uspa Voyagers (a trading company with ties to several nations), and captain of a vessel named the Green Gulley. He had medium length brown hair and a scruffy beard.

His vessel often transported magical items for export that are kept in special lock boxes to prevent tampering and theft.

Due to his role as a privateer, he was familiar with the methodologies of the local pirates, and typically carried some extra coin to bribe them to leave him alone if he encountered them.

After his ship was capsized by a ramming ship belong to the United Clergy of Orun, Captain Warhol was captured with Remy, and his body was later seen lashed to the mast with his throat having been cut.

Personality Edit

In spite of his status as a Privateer (or perhaps because of it), he was actually quite a laidback captain, rarely pressing his crew to do more than what was expected of them. That said, he took the security of his cargo quite seriously, and despite a few jokes, he had no issues tossing thieves overboard if it came to it.

Relationships Edit

Kiwi Edit

Kiwi was the First Mate of the Green Gully, until its destruction at the hands of the United Clergy.

Murray Edit

Captain Clarence was familiar with Murray's business, and encouraged others to patronize him.

Frivayne Edit

Captain Clarence was familiar with the dragoness and how she likes to visit vessels at sea. He had encountered her before, and believed that it was a good omen to do so, and offered some treasure to the ocean as tribute for her favor, and to honor Uspa.

Trivia Edit

  • Members of his crew were required to provide an inventory of their own magic items to ensure that they didn't leave with anything extra, and so their own possessions didn't get mixed in with the cargo by accident.
  • The Green Gully itself had space for a crew of 12.
  • He often used the exclamation "Uspa's Breath!"
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