Caroline and Payton Black Edit

Payton Black is the human village leader of Wolf's Den. Through Abacus, Payton hired the party to chase after a "Thief" who rampaged through their village and stole his daughter Colette.

Caroline is married to Payton and The Unexpectables first met her when they were investigating the circumstances around the theft and kidnapping. At that time, Caroline was entirely unresponsive and likely in shock from the kidnapping of Colette. The group observed her doing nothing but sitting in a chair in her home, staring blankly at the floor.

Once The Unexpectables returned with Colette, Caroline was able to recover upon seeing her daughter returned home. After the events of the Eclipse, the Black family traveled to Alivast to resupply and sell furs, meat, and linen they had produced. While in town, they left letter at the Sweet Dragon for the party. Payton encountered them again when the party and their companions Doros, Remy, and Lily were pursuing The Silver King.

Relationships Edit

Abacus Fleetfinger Edit

Payton claims that he and Abacus are old friends, and that the hiring of The Unexpectables was done to pay back an unknown debt. It is unclear how Abacus and Payton became friends.

Colette Black Edit

Colette is the daughter and only child of Caoline and Payton. Both of them were understandably distraught when she was taken from the village. Payton includes a drawing of the Unexpectables from Colette in a letter he left for the party (Episode 25).

The Unexpectables Edit

After saving his daughter from Raunfalt, Payton seems to have complete trust in the Unexpectables. He reacted with relief and praise when they appeared during the Silver King's blizzard and took their advice to seek safety without any hesitation.

Trivia Edit

  • Payton Black almost shot Borky after the orc asked if Wolf's Den "Had anything worth stealing."
  • Caroline and Payton are originally from eastern Paraton.
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