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Guest stars are Player Characters that join the main campaign for one or more episodes as opposed to a one-shot adventure where they don't interact with the main cast.

Campaign 1 Guest Stars by Episodes
Character Episodes (Stream #'s) Player
Airivine 3, 12 StarExorcist
Lily 3, 60-62 Limealicious
Remy* 22-25, 54-55, 59-62, 63-82, 89, 100, 103-Epilogue Edward Bosco
Digsby 38-46, 115 Nick Landis (Lanipator)
Zenrio 68-79 Octopimp
Rat 83-87, 172 JoCat
Cliff 104 KuuEater
Obby 126-133 Shenpai
Seika 139-168 Mark Allen, Jr.
Esmé 181-187 Sarah Anne Williams

*Despite being by far the most frequent guest, Remy was not originally intended to be a main character in Campaign 1. When Takahata101 unexpectedly left the game, MontyGlu asked if he could stay through the final arc.

Campaign 2 Guest Stars by Episodes
Character Episodes (Stream #'s) Player

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