Characters filled with sweetness and love, though some are a little worse for wear. We love them, our precious cinnamon rolls, and want no harm to come to them.

Special mentions - Lisa, the little girl of the Bladefoot Pirates, the children of the Deep Woods Settlement who drew on Tarusk with crayons and liked being dogs more than kids, the children of Humbrack Village who told The Unexpectables some interesting things about hags, and Meryl's siblings and their family friend Lee.

Also include, young Panic that nobody wanted to play with, Task's youngest adoptive sister, Ezreli, and young Borky who loved his mommy and wanted to play piano.

To round out the list, all the girls at Eve's Meadow Academy, including Luhnierth who is more like a spoonful of cinnamon eaten straight, but still precious.

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