Background Edit

Charlie Warden is an older human man with graying hair and a massive scar that runs from the bottom of his chin up the right side of his face. He is a paladin of Avan who held the position of Captain of the Guard in Tracadia Capital.

Charlie is retired from his leadership role and currently runs a coffee shop in the Middle Crafting District called Avan's Cup and is quite good at making tea and coffee drinks. Charlie is the adoptive father of Brorc Bronze-Fang.

Personality Edit

He has a calm and understanding demeanor, likely from years of dealing with Brorc and from the intense pushback from raising him. Unsurprisingly, he gets along with most people pretty well because of this.

Relations Edit

Brorc Bronze-Fang Edit

Charlie first encountered the 12-year-old aasimar at the top of the God-Mountan Zallivavos in Tracadia when the young Brorc was attempting to destroy the mountain itself because of his rage and anger at his celestial parent. Charlie brought Brorc back home with him and adopted him. Brorc has a great deal of respect for Charlie and despite his embarrassment, calls him 'dad' with genuine affection. Charlie likewise cares deeply for his son and encourages him to make friends and engage in activities to be happy. Charlie faced a lot of hatred for adopting Brorc.

Solly Edit

Charlie treats Solly as a favorite customer and knows what she wants to drink without needing to take her order.

The Unexpectables Edit

Charlie confides in the group details about Brorc's past and encourages them to understand his son's difficult situation. When Borky makes a callous remark that upsets Brorc enough that the aasimar needs to leave the room, Charlie lets him know how disappointed he is in the orc's behavior.

Trivia Edit

  • On display in his coffee shop is a large, ornate, silvered sword mounted on a post with a plaque that reads, "To Captain Charlie Warden, for many years of service. Enjoy your retirement."
  • Charlie often sends his son exotic tea.
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