Cinlas Cascadia is a Storm Giant who lives in Storm Giant's Cradle in a house nestled within a cave. It is implied she is a weaver among her kin, due to the presence of a large loom and fabrics within her domicile. She appeared one day in Canary's Deep and the Triton in the area gave her plenty of room.

She wears a skirt of blue dragon skin and a silky white cape that also wraps over her face as a veil. Her hair is long and a soft lilac-white, and her skin a pale blue. Her hair and clothing are adorned with exotic seashells.

Cinlas is pregnant when the Unexpectables find her and enter her house. Unintentionally, she takes Task's Crown as part of a piece of a mobile for her baby, and Panic's Guitar for a rattle. After a tense moment, she gives back what she found in exchange for the party's promise to take out the pirates that were stirring the seas near Storm Giant's Cradle.


Cinlas is proud of her stature and her place as a Storm Giant, but is very much like her mate in that she is quite socially awkward and not interested in the affairs of the small folk. She is preparing for her baby by creating all manner of toys and decorations in preparation.


Crabbius the Mighty Edit

Cinlas is familiar with Crabbius and his sterling reputation. When she encountered The Unexpectables in her home, if they had simply let her know that they were in the company of Crabbius, they would have been less un-welcome.


Stormbeard is the father of Cinlas' child, a fact she seems very proud of and speaks very highly of both his job as Rune-Caller and his accomplishments as a man. He has given her many trophies of blue dragon hides to use as decoration and raw materials for clothing and crafts.

The UnexpectablesEdit

The Unexpectables broke into her house with Zenrio to retrieve their lost items, only to find that they'd been used to make a mobile and a rattle for her baby. Greckles decided to just announce their presence and plead their case, and in return for their items they agreed wholeheartedly to help rid or at least stop the pirates on Canary Island.

Cullith Cascadia Edit

Cullith is Cinlas' sister, and apparently has a very antagonistic relationship with her. It's been rumored that the reason for this spat is that both were vying to become Stormbeard's mate, and Cullith was not chosen.


  • Cinlas has a pair of callata as guard animals. She also has harnesses for them that allow them to be ridden by smaller creatures.
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