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Cliff is a leatherworker by trade who arrived in Alivast with a nomadic group of Minotaur and has taken a liking to having friends outside of his own race. At some point after arriving in Alivast, he ran into Pardner and Vlad.

Cliff has golden brown fur that completely covers his light blue eyes, dark, ashy horns, and wears a large, tan-colored poncho over his relatively basic leather armor.

Personality Edit

He would like to help provide for his family and clan, but will probably have to worry about himself first. He is simple in thought, but very pleasant and friendly, preferring to avoid conflict whenever possible. Cliff has an affection for the natural wildlife of the land. He enjoys taking walks and fishing, but usually lets the fish go when he catches one.

While Cliff appears quite simple, he has displayed either a surprising amount of unintentional cunning or perhaps simply dumb luck with his incredibly effective spellcasting in combat.

Relationships Edit

Pardner Edit

Cliff Fanart 1 by @RooseButte

Cliff fanart by @RooseButte

Cliff admires pardner for his style and confidence. Cliff entirely believes Pardner to be the highly skilled expert he describes himself as and considers him a good friend. When Cliff saw Pardner bite a piece of gold to verify its authenticity, he gladly copied the act, though his lack of understanding of the process meant he put coins in his mouth for a taste.

Vlad Edit

Cliff is highly empathetic for Vlad regarding his husband and attempts to comfort him in his low times. Cliff considers Vlad to be a good friend.

Remy Edit

Cliff fanart 2 by @RooseButte

Cliff fanart by @RooseButte

Cliff is somewhat confused by Remy’s serious demeanor, but thinks his clothes are nice and enjoyed their brief time together. Remy's social graces are also lost on Cliff.

Doug / The Boss Edit

Doug is what Cliff calls his warhammer and The Boss is what he calls his patron. The entity's real name and motives are a mystery, but it calls itself "The Mouthless One" and speaks to Cliff in cryptic whispers only he can hear. It manifests as an eye with a clear, white pupil that opens on the side of Cliff's warhammer which serves as his pact weapon. When Cliff helped deliver the final blow to the green dragon Orestos, The Mouthless One dragged out the dragon's screaming soul with ghostly tendrils and claimed it and its secrets for all eternity. Only Cliff sees these visions and hears the voice, but his simple nature keeps him blissfully ignorant of anything potentially sinister or unsettling.

Cliff fanart 3 by @RooseButte

Cliff fanart by @RooseButte

Trivia Edit

  • Cliff’s seemingly sentient magical warhammer being named “Doug” is a direct reference to the character Korg from the film Thor Ragnarok, who was a direct inspiration for Cliff’s personality.
  • Cliff is semi-literate and his group is called The Merkz as a result of his misspelling the name.
  • Cliff's Patron was the "Great Old One" which was localized to the campaign setting with The Mouthless One
Remy and The Merkz by @caitlinc37

Remy and The Merkz by @caitlinc37

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