Colette Black Edit

The Unexpectables by Sharkimedes Jr

Official art of The Unexpectables by Sharkimedes Jr., age 5 (almost 6).

Colette Black is a young girl who was kidnapped from her village. Colette's father asked The Unexpectables to find her and bring her back home. They eventually discovered that she had been kidnapped by Raunfalt, and after an arduous trek and a life or death fight they managed to bring her home safely.

Colette drew a picture of The Unexpectables and it was included in a letter from her father sent to The Sweet Dragon. (See below.)

Relationships Edit

Payton Black and Caroline Black Edit

Payton and Caroline are Colette's parents. She is undoubtedly the most precious thing in the world to them, evidenced by the circumstances and effects of her kidnapping. Both she and her parents were overjoyed to reunite after the events of the Raunfalt encounter.

Borky Edit

Borky originally frightened Colette with his morning ritual and overly enthusiastic greetings. At first, she thinks that he's an ogre before she sees him. She steadily grew more comfortable around him after he offered to share the macaroons he originally purchased in her hometown.

Greckles Edit

The "most beautiful bluebird" she'd ever seen, Colette took an instant liking to Greckles on first meeting him. Greckles helped entertain her with mimicry and stories as they travelled, leaving her with two momentoes when they parted ways. Colette still has his feather and daisy on the table by her bedside.

Task Edit

Similar to Greckles, Colette was excited to meet Task, mentioning her father read stories to her about a group of kobolds and that Task was the first real kobold she met. Task admitted he was impressed she knew what kobolds were.

Panic Grimtongue Edit

Colette believes Panic is a 'pretty lady', basing this on the fact Panic has long hair and is beautiful. Panic decided to take this as a compliment rather than challenge the misconception.

Raunfalt Edit

Despite the circumstances of their meeting, Colette described Raunfalt as being nice to her, at least during certain times. Though the two could not communicate properly due to language barriers, Colette seemed to understand that Raunfalt was remorseful for the events which lead to her kidnapping. She is unaware of what exactly happened to Raunfault and wonders if she will see him again.

Trivia Edit

  • Colette has a flower that, due to certain circumstances, was once a part of Greckles' body. This was a gift from Greckles himself.
  • According to Payton, Colette has nearly doubled in height in the previous 6 months.
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