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Corner is a Gray Kobold from the Greypeaks of Tracadia and the adoptive mother of Doroski. She is a wizened little kobold woman who speaks like a yenta. She has little understanding of humans, and her main contact with them was dealing with the Avan clergy to trade gold (which she regards as useless shiny rocks) for food making her fairly well off. When Avan clergy members asked her if she wanted to visit Alivast to see her son, she jumped at the chance.

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Doros Edit

When he was a child, Corner found Doros stranded at the bottom of a ravine with a broken arm. Apparently, his 'herd' had left him behind thinking that the fall had killed him. She briefly considered eating him, but instead made the unusual decision to adopt him into her clutch. She raised him and Doros was well received among the kobolds due to being warm, as well as helping out when they were threatened by ettins.

She is very proud of him, though worried that he isn't making enough friends, or that he won't stop scowling. She has an almost supernatural ability to determine minute changes in Doros' facial expressions that are otherwise invisible to the casual observer. Corner is also very concerned about Doros' well-being and does not hesitate to inquire about his well-being, diet, love life, and any other detail. She expresses great delight that he made friends with Task. When Task mentions Doros' girlfriend, she is very excited (because she wants grandchildren) until she hears that she isn't a kobold (for cultural reasons) or a golliath (for size reasons). During the exchange between Task and Corner, Doros was practically frantic.

Task Edit

Corner was delighted that her Doroski had made a kobold friend. She and Task shared a kobold salute when meeting and enjoyed talking about how silly human names and customs were.

Willow Edit

Corner has made it very clear to Willow that she does not approve of her and Doros' relationship. While this hasn't stopped Willow and Doros from continuing to see each other, it has put a dampener on Willow's relationship with Doros' family.

Trivia Edit

  • Her current clutch includes 32 hatchlings that love to climb all over Doros
  • She always calls Doros 'Doroski'
  • Corner is the first gray scale kobold to be introduced in the series.
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