Background Edit

Countess Beatrix is a Vampire lord who lives in Tracadia, the last of a line of Vampire Lords that ruled the entire nation until their leader was slain by an Avan paladin. Unlike the other lords, Beatrix is completely uninterested in the endeavor to claim her parent's lost throne, preferring to act on a more neutral basis.

The Unexpectables encountered her as she came through the countryside in her carriage as she was assisting her Wereraven friend in search of something. After a tense conversation (from the party's perspective), she offered a ride in her carriage to Fort Barcelette, and enjoyed a spirited card game with Greckles along the way. When they reached their destination, she let them on their path, resuming her search.

Personality Edit

Befitting a countess, Beatrix is poised, composed, and very proper. Her emotional state is such that it is seemingly impossible to rile up at all. She is a fan of card games, and is very skilled at them, to the point of being shocked when she loses to Greckles. Unlike her fellow creatures of the night, she only sates her desire for blood when she's actually hungry.

Relationships Edit

Tracadia Edit

Tracadia's guards, and presumably the entire populace, know of her as one of the few "Good" vampire lords.

The Unexpectables Edit

The Party is on good enough terms with Beatrix, though the extent of their meeting with her was an awkward encounter by the roadside. She gave them a light ride through the Tracadian countryside in order to avoid further werewolf attacks, before dropping them off in Fort Barcelette.

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