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Crystal is a beautiful female elf who is employed at the Romansion as a masseuse and escort. Her hair is long and silver and adorned with a tiara and matching necklace. She speaks with a seductive, syrupy accent.

When working as a spa attendant, she wears what appears to be a standard uniform consisting of a white nurse's smock and capri pants.

She is very professional in her care for her

customers, steadfast in abiding by protocol against serving alcohol to clients while they are in the hot baths, and cautioning about the use of glassware in the tubs.

Relations Edit

Borky Edit

Borky chose "the pretty elf" as his spa attendant and masseuse during his trip to the Romansion. She was nonplussed by his request that Gripples be given a bath as well and even complimented the "adorable statue" and carried him to the baths. She provided a small bronze bowl for Gripples alongside Borky's tub. She firmly, but politely refused to serve Borky alcohol in the tub despite his insistence, citing a concern for his safety and Romansion protocol. Borky also inquired about how her name was spelled, despite being illiterate.

Trivia Edit

  • Crystal is her "escort name".
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