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Dazzazn Tilderaxx is a Silver Dragonborn merchant who runs Dragon Threads Tailor Shop and Soap Emporium, which is situated in the Lower Arcana District of Alivast. As suggested by its name, his establishment sells clothes and hand-made soaps. The shop is painted in an array of garishly arranged colors, has a rainbow awning in front of its entrance, and is decorated with obviously fake flowers. These design choices stem from Dazzazn's upbringing in Tristella Court and his personal belief that Alivast's citizens have no sense of style. Dazzazn encountered The Unexpectables through a freelance quest he posted, requesting adventurers to help clear out a Boggle infestation which was ruining his inventory.

Relations Edit

Panic Edit

Dazzazn showed concern when Panic introduced himself as a "Professional Dick Kicker," but that concern faded when Panic explained that he was there to help clear out the Boggle infestation.

Gary Edit

When asked by Borky if he ever had sexual relations with any fey beings, he pondered the question for a while, wondering out loud whether someone named "Gary" was fey or not. He came to the conclusion that he wasn't. The specifics of Dazzazn's relationship with Gary are unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Monty rated Dazzazn's shop a 10/10 on the garish scale.
  • The front door is outfitted with a bell that plays the Westminster Chimes tune, which Greckles seems to be averse to. It was assembled in Tristella Court and previously belonged to Dazzazn's father. Borky requested an order for one to install in his bedroom at the Sweet Dragon.
  • The welcome mat at the entrance has Dazzazn's face on it.
  • Dazzazn puts love into every bar of soap he makes.
  • The door to his store room is very high quality, and apparently feels great on the face.
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