Background Edit

The deep woods settlement is a logging camp in the Nocturnal Timberlands that produces timber for the ever growing city of Alivast as well as for its military needs. Because of this, it is strategically important and when shipments of timber stopped, it was cause for alarm and reason to hire The Unexpectables to investigate.

The Settlement was caught in the Dog Zone and the residents had no way of getting help or word out to the outside world and many residents were trapped in their homes because they couldn't open doors in their new forms. After being freed from the curse of Dog, the residents were able to resume their lives, though some of the children were disappointed that they were no longer puppies.

The settlement has a variety of workers and their families, and its impermanent nature is beginning to fade as it becomes more established.

Notable Residents Edit

  • Timber - a yellowscale kobold woodcarver
  • Emmett - the ersatz leader of the settlement
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