Background Edit

Diella is an aasimar Paladin of the United Clergy of Orun. She was sent to Alivast seeking a rogue member of the clergy.

Diella appears to be near emotionless in her demeanor and is almost never heard speaking. It is unclear what this means, though she seems to heed orders from her superiors in the United Clergy of Orun.

Relationships Edit

The United Clergy of Orun Edit

Diella is a member of the United Clergy of Orun. Hellina views her with awe and sees her as a divinely inspired emissary of Orun. In contrast to this, Hellina also witnessed how Viantius Apastrophi and Ragis Cade didn't appear to respect Diella at all and silenced her every time she tried to speak.

According to the clerics rescued from Athtar, Diella is regarded as a disappointment by the Clergy and only speaks and acts mechanically, as if she is not "there".

The Unexpectables Edit

Diella was involved in the brawl and chase through Alivast. She was forced to abandon her armor when Panic superheated it with magic. In the aftermath she was placed in a holding cell across from the party and had to put up with their taunting and insults, but responded only with an blank stare.

Trivia Edit

  • When she was released from the her holding cell she turned to Task and said, "The sun is growing cold." in a haunting whisper. She was shoved out of the room by Ragis Cade before she was able to explain what she meant.
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