Dog Zone Unexpectables fan art by @FreesthatHD

Dog Zone Unexpectables fan art by @FreesthatHD

The Dog Zone Edit

The Dog Zone is an area of Pug's influence where all sentient beings (and some non-sentient) that happened to traverse into its area of influence are transformed into different kinds of dogs. At the heart of the Zone was the Cave of Dog, which appeared to be a rather unremarkable cave, except for the fact that it was being inhabited by a wind elemental and a displacer beast. The Dog Zone had consisted of the Deep Woods Settlement and the surrounding area, but was dispelled after Pug exploded into confetti rather anticlimactically.

Trivia Edit

  • It was implied that the Dog Zone would have expanded in range had Pug remained at large.
  • Tarusk transformed into a Guinea Pig while in the Dog Zone, despite the intention of the zone itself. It is unknown why this is the case.
  • It is unknown if those effected by the Dog Zone's polymorphic effect could have changed back by simply exiting its range, although if the boundaries of the zone did expand, this would have proven difficult to accomplish.
  • While inside the Dog Zone, Borky became a large mastiff, Panic a silky-haired collie, Greckles a Shikoku-inu and Task a very agitated chihuahua.
  • Both MontyGlu and Edward Bosco agreed that if Remy found himself in the Dog Zone, he would be a German Shepherd.
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