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First encountered when a small group of human cultists with a single guard drake were terrorizing a small farming village, they emerged as a rising threat when a substantial force of them, aided by a red dragon of substantial power, conquered Lebreaus village.

Refugees from Lebreaus reported a substantial force of cultists aided not only by the giant red dragon, but possibly a half-dozen others.

The cult moved from a looming threat to a dire emergency when a force of several score wyvern riders assaulted the city of Alivast. Their assault was apparently to collect captives as "food for our bigger kin," according to a comment overheard from one of the wyvern riders. The riders were dragonborn of various chromatic varieties.This raid grew to a full on assault with the arrival of an ancient white dragon who tore up one of the chains anchoring the attic when landing on it. The assault was countered to some extent by the city guard and groups of concerned citizens but the situation was brought under control by the appearance of The Silver King in his full glory who quickly slew the white menace and scattered the wyvern riders with a terrifying roar.

The Cult has made allies of convenience out of the United Clergy of Orun expeditionary force that has a base east of Alivast on Canary Channel and have traded for loot the Clergy has stolen from captured vessels. The cult has even agreed to trade two juvenile red dragons to serve the Clergy in their efforts in exchange for some magic items and an idol of Insdroc.

Beliefs Edit

The Cult apparently worships Insdroc, an evil dragon god. Despite their alliance with the United Clergy, Brimfang has nothing but scorn for Sosorin, the red dragon turned celestial of Orun. According to Brimfang the end goal of the cult is the figurative or literal resurrection of Insdoc in some fashion. To achieve this they have apparently killed off several tribes of kobolds, though it is unknown if these were sacrifices, conquest, or for some other reason.

Members Edit

Task and Brimfang fan art by @SketchSakura

Task learns his nemesis Darkus leads the cult by interrogating Brimfang. fan art by @SketchSakura

The human cultists encountered by The Unexpectables in Dragon's Take were little more than bandits, dressed in crude furs with dragon-themed ornaments. The dragonborn wyvern riders wore custom armor of high quality and displayed a great deal of proficiency with their mounts. There are also half-dragons in the cult.

Named Individuals Edit

  • Darkus - the cult's leader
  • Brimfang - one of two juvenile red dragons that were going to serve the United Clergy
  • Quivass - half-dragon (white) that was transporting Brimfang. Suplexed to death.

Trivia Edit

  • Using unknown methods, the cult is able to unlock much more potential from their guard drakes than Task can get out of Tarusk.
  • The wyvern riders had a symbol on their armor of a many-headed dragon with a blood spray across the image.
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