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Etheal, or "The God-Pool", is a mysterious and immensely powerful place located somewhere in the Feywilds. The God-Pool's power is said to be truly immense; capable of possibly being the only place in the universe that can heal or even revive dead gods or celestials. It's entrance from the Material Plane is hidden somewhere in the forest of Fleur de Mort. At some point, a civilization of elves once attempted to access this pool, but were apparently thwarted.

The Party were first made aware of Etheal by Remy using a scroll of mending on the mask of Lys which at the time it appeared to have no effect. Months later, when the party returned to Alivast after rescuing Willow from Everbright Mountain the scroll re-appeared, flaring into existence with the word "ETHEAL" on it. The next mention of Etheal was when the party captured documents in Athtar's command tent in Canary Channel that included the scroll (which he had previously stolen from them) and a book he had been using to research the term entitled Beyond the Realms of Divinity, a book about hidden magical possibilities of religious significance. Athtar had bookmarked the following passage:

"...It is that which the elves made an astute claim. Truth be told the dreams held no matter, but true said the Kirin. Desperation rang, and beyond that of an endless flower drew the gaze of the dying celestial. Beyond a meadow of moon craters and dust, lie beyond a portal. The elves took this claim literal, driven far by their magics and sorcery. It was a meek human who took the word and played. For what else good are humans but in play. So soon came the answer. No portal was, that the Kirin claim, but a door.

Any mortal knows a door requires a key. But alas as the walk past the meadow, the endless flower, the echos, and the warped wood conspired, so too did a door make it's own entrance. Not one lock but four reared their existence. Twas all that done and then the Kirin was long gone, death had made claim. No boon's no promise, a wheeze of children's names long borne and wandered. Too late the elves had been. The Kirins hesitance, bred no keys found. Answers waned and were lost. The Elves were denied to gaze upon Etheal the God Pool, and bring the celestial back from the brink..."

The Unexpectables questioned The Mouthless One, the patron of the warlock Cliff on the nature of the God Pool. They learned that the entry in the material world is deep within Fleur de Mort, and in the Feywild the pool itself is guarded by the King of the Forest. It is unclear if this is also a reference to Fleur or another entity entirely.
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