The Eastern Isles is a location far away from the city of Alivast, with a unique culture and values that are very different from that of the nations Alivast normally receives immigrants from. It is the homeland of Unexpectables party member Greckles.

Description Edit

the Eastern Isles is a place far to the east, across vast oceans, mostly comprised of several islands that chain together, with the largest "Main Island" being Tengashima. Aside from that, little is known of major cities and towns within.

While it appears to be generally safe, there are still bandit raids, supernatural forces that can be easily sparked to anger, and random bouts of violence.

Culture Edit

The Eastern Isles' inhabitants culturally appear to value honor, tradition, family, and tranquility above all else. Because of this, one's clan holds a lot of weight onto who they are and what their expectations should be. Those who tresspass against these values are considered shunned and outcast for not sticking with the flock. Unlike western powers, the Eastern Isles sees Albinism as a blessing and not a curse.

Conversely, a proud tradition of strong thieves and assassins who could call upon the arcane when pressed exist, these Ninja are able to operate outside this system, though risk becoming Pariahs if caught.

The Eastern Isles predominantly speaks Avian; a language that uses a unique script.

In charity, it is customary to give integers of 5 for good luck in the Eastern Isles.

Government Edit

The Eastern Isles likely lives under an emperor who lives in the Capitol on Tengashima, with several governors across each isle.

Islands of Note Edit

  • Tengashima - The largest island, considered the "main" island. The Capitol of the Eastern Isles exists here.
  • Orange Isle - An island that has been overrun by furious spirits, causing it's populace to flee.
  • Oreak - Home to the Open Palm school of martial arts.
  • Red Sunset Island - a small island populated by hobgoblins who are proficient in both sea and land combat and sell their services to nearby islands.

Notable Citizens Edit

Yukiko fan art by @nikkitsquare

Yukiko fan art by @nikkitsquare

Immigrants in Alivast Edit

Notable Clans Edit

  • Tengu Clan - Greckles' adopted clan.

Trivia Edit

  • Avian is the language of the Eastern Isles, and is also Japanese.
  • A coin used in the Eastern Isles is the Liang.
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