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Eltmur is a country in the Alton region that is about the size of Austria. The country was formerly an empire that conquered several of its neighbors, including Valithea, before its leaders were killed by the Silver King in an impromptu coup d'état. According to those who witnessed the event such as Remus Corbeau, the Silver King had chosen not to intervene with the country's affairs before reversing his stance and dismantling the ruling powers. However, the Silver King's recollection of events purposes that he was deceived and targeted for murder by the royals, and he destroyed them as retribution without knowledge of their other atrocities. For the past four or five years, the Silver King has ruled the country, restored independence to previously conquered regions, and deliberately dismantled many aspects of its former society such as abolishing slavery.

Eltmur under the old government is described as an imperialistic, human-dominated nation. Laws and practices were strictly enforced and focused on maintaining order and thereby keeping the military strong. The army’s heavy toll on Eltmur’s population meant that slavery and indentured servitude were widespread and women were stripped of most human rights. Meryl told Helga that if women tried to learn to read that they would be put to death. Helga notes that there are a lot of women in Alivast who are refugees from Eltmur.

The Silver King's takeover of Eltmur coincided with a brutal civil war that left Eltmur severely weakened. Under the Silver King, the conditions in Eltmur have been improving, but Eltmur is nonetheless in the middle of a crisis. The deaths and emigrations caused by the war have resulted in a shortage of skilled teachers, farmers, and administrators, putting Eltmur on the brink of collapse. This has made repatriating refugees a top priority for the Silver King. According to Willow, many people are going back, but many more wish to stay in their new homes.

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The destruction of Eltmur was orchestrated by Princess Elizabeth Eltmur, known to the party as Willow. She slipped a forged document into a strategy meeting that suggested the benefits of encroaching on the Silver King's territory. When the dragon was a guest of the royal family, she approached him, explained all the evils and misdeeds of her family and country and made a deal: if he destroyed the country and its leadership, she would rule with him as his queen. She never intended to keep her end of the bargain and fled leaving the Silver King feeling obligated to reconstruct the country on his own.

While the Silver King is in Alivast, the country is managed by an elderly sorcerer whom he had summoned to the country originally to catalog magical items and artifacts and two of his own children.

The Silver King is currently contemplating other forms of government for the country as an alternative to his direct rule.

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The mountains are the home of the Silver King. Their exact location in relation to Eltmur is unknown, but it can be assumed that they are less than a dragon's-flight from the country and on one of its borders. According to the Silver King, the Eltmur government originally approached him because they wished to move troops through his territory in the mountains to attack another nation.

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  • Eltmur is known for its fruit, particularly apple trees.
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