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Enceladus Anclad is a relatively young elf man who worked as an anthropologist employed by the Lion's Head Academy. He has brown hair parted in middle, and wears glasses, a nice vest, jacket, and bowtie, and carries a satchel filled with papers and various other things.

Before coming to Alivast he studied magic for about 10 years before becoming interested in anthropology. He once worked as a scribe in the Velurun Court, an elven city in the north of the Alton Region, but has also spent time studying the dwarves of Groumuth and the gnomes of Gnomeria. It was when he was leaving Gnomeria that he was forcibly enlisted (kidnapped) by a small orc tribe and asked to aid chief Ooblegack's and help with a difficult childbirth. His stay with this tribe sparked his interest in orc customs and culture.

The Unexpectables first learned about him through the Quest Board in regards to an expedition to the Silver Mountains, though they decided to select a different quest instead.

The Unexpectables eventually met him when he applied for a researcher position at The Sweet Dragon. After talking amongst themselves and considering all the applicants, they eventually decided to hire Enceladus.

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Enceladus fanart by @RasilaTommi

Enceladus fanart by @RasilaTommi

Enceladus is an individual who constantly exudes excited energy. He tends to be fascinated by everything around him but gets particularly excited when it comes to orcs and Alivast's indigenous cultures. He is a competent researcher, and is very adept at pulling in sources from outside his own library, especially from Almon libraries. He is cool under pressure and deals well with chaotic environments, a necessary survival skill when dealing with orcs.

Relationships Edit

Mutron Edit

Mutron is a small construct similar in body type to Log. Mutron is Enceladus' assistant and performs duties such as organizing books, fetching items from the shelves when needed, and otherwise acting as Enceladus' helper.

Borky Edit

Much to Borky's delight, Enceladus is one of the few people that actually want to hear his stories and let him talk about himself.

Alivast Orcs Edit

Enceladus has made several expeditions to the Iron Claw clan to learn about them and he is Alivast's foremost expert on their culture. Since the Double Tusk clan came to the city, he has also been studying them.

Trivia Edit

  • The quest board posting with his job mentions Lebreaus Village when giving directions to the expedition site.
  • During the episode where he was interviewed, it became a running gag that none of the players could pronounce his name correctly.
  • Of the three librarians who applied to the Sweet Dragon, Monty admitted Enceladus was the one with the most fleshed out personality due to having conceived him fairly early in the game.
  • He is interested in navigation methods using the sun and stars and would love to develop a better sextant someday.
  • Kay made a note in her record of his interview that he is "Kinda cute?"
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