Everbright Mountain is a tall, lone mountain that sits just east of Briar's Glen. Just south at its base sits the village of Everbright. Dragon's Take and Wolf's Den also rest near the base of the mountain. Inside the mountain are old tunnels and caverns that are part of a temple called Phantasma Dream Mountain.

The outside of the mountain is home to a variety of wildlife including crag cats, goats, and chipmunks. A population of Stone Giant Hunters live inside the tunnels of Mount Everbright. They treat the mountain as sacred land that outsiders, particularly those they refer to as "small folk" are not allowed to tread of for fear of being cursed. This civilization is led by a patriarch, but little is known about him other than that he's armed with a steel sword and adorned with a crown of dark stones. The source of this steel was an enslaved Korred which was freed by The Unexpectables, Remy, Lily, and Doros. Recently, The Silver King spread a blizzard from the peak of the mountain while searching for his hostage Willow, who had managed to slip from his grasp. Thanks to intervention from Greckles and calm discussion between both parties, the situation was resolved and the blizzard ended.

Notable Residents Edit

  • Stone Giant Patriarch
  • Hungry Crag Cats
  • Excited Chipmunk
  • That Stoat who lives in the wall
  • Bats
  • A very upset Roper
  • "Korred" (escaped)

Trivia Edit

  • The grave of Rey rests along the path that leads to the summit.
  • A notable amount of creatures living on the mountain have New York Accents.
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