Background Edit

"Hrmm...Foodmakin'..." ~Fluffy

Fluffy is a Pallas-Tabaxi who hails from Southern Tracadia. He currently works for The Sweet Dragon as it's in-house Blacksmith. He speaks in a thick, gruff, mumbled Southern Tracadia accent. He is enormous, almost as tall as he is wide, and topped off with a deeply unimpressed face with two yellow eyes. It appears the only clothes he actually wears is a patchwork purple apron with "#1 Husband" inscribed on it.

He made it to Alivast a lot later than his wife did in order to successfully finish his blacksmith training and find work, and appears to be quite happy to be working with his wife at the same establishment.

Personality Edit

Fluffy is the exact opposite of his wife in many ways: He appears gruff and taciturn in the extreme, to the point of mostly saying one word sentences. That said, he does appear to be a personable sort, at least by his own admission.

Relationships Edit

Skinny Edit

"Hrmm...Love M'wife." ~ Fluffy, on Skinny

Fluffy and Skinny are married, and love each other very much. They appear to want to start a family soon. Whenever Fluffy sees Skinny, he smiles a bit.

The Unexpectables Edit

The Unexpectables met their new hiree shortly after returning from the Underdark, and were promptly both taken aback by his sheer presence, to the point that Task actively stating aloud that he was intimidated by him. The rest of the group watched him work for a bit, completely awestruck by him.

Helga Edit

Helga was the one who hired Fluffy. The interview must have been fantastic.

Trivia Edit

  • Fluffy speaks in a deep, gravelly US Southern accent.
  • In spite of being an enormous furball, Fluffy doesn't seem super bothered by the heat of his forge.
  • Whenever Skinny hugs him, she briefly disappears into his deeply fluffy body.
  • It's entirely possible that a portion of his impressive girth is merely fur.
  • For purely comedic reasons MontyGlu decided to have a hairy husband to contrast with the hairless sphynx Skinny. He was originally conceived as a persian cat, but she settled on a pallas cat because she thought they were funnier looking.
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