Background Edit

Frank is a Gargoyle who lives on the roof of the Temple to Oreyara on the Sweet Dragon's property, and works as a night guard for the establishment.

Frank was once a mortal being like any of the other citizens of Alivast, living life as a smuggler and being a supplier of soul crystals to the wizard Dullmar. Unfortunately, he accidentally came into contact with one of the crystals, and ended up being placed into it, his corporeal body dropping dead instantly. He was then transposed into the body of an enormous, four armed, winged Gargoyle, which he has been ever since.

When Dullmar was slain, Frank wandered the city aimlessly, desperately searching for a cure for his condition and causing havoc. He joined the Hellbent Smugglers and was promised by their leader he would be returned to human if he fulfilled his contract, but that was quickly quashed when the yagnoloth in question was detained. Desperate to change his already bad reputation as a troublemaker in his new form, he happened upon an unconscious Task who was lying in the street thanks to an unsuccessful duel, and brought him to safety, where he gave an offering of "tea" and explained his situation, asking for work. Task, who was tired, beaten, and not thrilled with having been abducted, decided that it would be for the best, and accepted his offer.

Personality Edit

Frank is a morose, intensely frustrated sort given his situation, who desperately pines to return to his former way of life and former state of being, but has at least made peace with what he is now.

Relationships Edit

The Unexpectables Edit

The Unexpectables (though more accurately, Task), hired Frank to be the new night guard, and due to the circumstances of his hiring, almost nobody else in the party has ever spoken to him.

Dullmar Edit

In his previous life, Frank smuggled soul crystals for Dullmar.

Hassrad Edit

When Hassrad was attacked in the Sweet Dragon yard, Frank came to his aid and slew his assailant. Frank then agreed to pass on a message to the Unexpectables that Hassrad was going to lie low.

Trivia Edit

  • The Unexpectables had several opportunities to meet Frank previously and was alluded to being a menace somewhere in the city.
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