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Frelda Oceanspeaker is a young woman who is part of the Northlander clan that lives up the coast from Alivast.

Her waist-length hair is dirty-blonde and she keeps it bound in a single braid. She wears simple, yet rugged clothing.

Frelda is a no-nonsense woman and is slow to warm up to the Unexpectables, even thinking that they are hostile fey creatures, possibly due to their unusual experience and insistence on pursuing her when she first flees.

Frelda is skilled at crabbing and processing fish so they can be cooked.

Relationships Edit

Panic Grimtongue Edit

While she started out not trusting the Unexpectables at all, she trusted Panic the least. She wouldn't even let him play his guitar in the longhouse because she feared he might be trying to charm them with magic. She warmed up to him when he returned her favorite fishing knife. She showed him how to gut fish, and was mildly amused at his clumsy attempts. When Syndra went into labor, she chose Panic to aid the birth despite him being fairly drunk.

Bjornson, Son of Olafson Edit

Frelda is Bjornson's younger sister and she does not put up with his shit. The two frequently communicate via playful punches to the shoulder.

Olga Spiritcaller Edit

Olga acts as a mentor to Frelda, teaching her the druidic traditions of the Northlanders. When Syndra goes into labor, Olga hands Frelda her staff, sits back, and makes the younger woman handle the delivery as her Woman-Trial to become a full-fledged shaman.

Halfdan, One-With-Bear Edit

Halfdan grew up with Frelda and is enamored with her but she avoids him and treats his advances coldly. Halfdan explains to the party that as a child Frelda witnessed her family being killed by a blighted bear and that's why she doesn't like him.

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