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Gaius appears as a thin purple-haired satyr with lighter purple colored fur over upper body. He sports brownish-maroon colored eyes and a tendency to slouch a bit, and also wears chain mail armor on his chest, with his torso, forearms, and hands being bound with athletic wraps.


Gaius enjoys a challenge and seems to constantly be training with the intent of seeking out different trials in order to prove himself. He has expressed a desire to make a name for himself and grow a list of accomplishments that can be attributed to him, and has even toyed with the idea of writing a book (preemptively titled "The Agni Odyssey") as a means to record his exploits, though this goal is currently hampered by his lack of material to write with, and possibly any ability to write complex sentences.

Gaius also highly values the idea of a fair fight, having his own sense of honor when it comes to competitions, and will refuse any help he considers to be cheating. On the other hand, he has also shown to be a gracious loser, taking defeats in stride and as learning experiences. He'll use his battle axe when a fight isn't honorable single combat; in those situations, he prefers to use his fists.

Rather than being an outgoing glory hound, the satyr is actually very laid back and soft spoken, often understating events around him with what could be interpreted as a sleepy indifference. When he gets excited, however, he can barely contain his energy, exhibiting little hoof tippy taps and tail wags, and occasional zoomies towards a particular destination or goal.

Despite this, he comes off as fairly impulsive in his desire to prove his strength. On more than one occasion he has acted without considering the consequences for his own actions, and has demonstrated that, while he comes across as eager and having some tactical knowledge, he is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.


Gaius is originally from Veosulai, though he has voluntarily exiled himself from there until he achieves a significant degree of fame and renown. He frequently refers to his uncle, cousins, and even a grandmother, but not to any parents or siblings. He apparently has a large family, though the only one he has mentioned by name so far is "Gram Gram Ephemeria". Other members of his family have apparently accomplished great deeds, and Gaius is seeking a way to measure up to them and make his own mark on the world. He has mentioned an Uncle Tadg, who is a bounty hunter.



Ky has asked Gaius to show him fighting moves on more than one occasion, and Gaius has gladly obliged. Though Gaius is good with weapons, he is not much of a teacher, including having Ky attack him full force with his dagger. He has encouraged the nervous Ky to be more bold and take more initiative when the party faces a fight.

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  • Gaius' original concept had him not completely fur-covered but with purple skin. A miscommunication with the artist resulted in him being furry all over, and Zito decided he liked the interpretation so he made it part of the character design.