Ginter[edit | edit source]

Ginter Symbol fan art by Deedah

Ginter is the god of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Holy symbols used by the clergy are often simple brass or bronze necklaces in the shape of a budding sprout. Armor frequently has an oxen motif.

The clergy promotes farming and the value of hard work. They teach that people should not go hungry, that we must respect the farm animals that bless us with their sacrifice, and the earth should be held sacred and tended to.

Ginter followers tend to be simple farming folk, small villages, and animal breeders.

One of Ginter's celestials was the divine parent of the aasimar, Ivan.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ginter is often in direct conflict with Ydia over basic questions of relationship with the natural world.
  • Ivictor the Divine Oxen is a celestial of Ginter
  • Lagurus the Great Bull is a celestial of Ginter who embodies the god's domain over beasts of burden such as horses, donkies, and oxen.
  • Despite being a god of agriculture, there are paladins in the clergy of Ginter.
  • His suggested cleric domains are Nature and Life
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