"Ivan pulled at the chains of his God, and the God pulled back. A chain can be pulled from both sides."

Ginter's Folly is a large swath of cursed farm land a few miles out from The City of Alivast. Nothing grows there and the entire area is covered in salt. The land is barren ground with salt permeating the sandy soil and littered with the skeletonized remains of animals. There are a few boarded up buildings, but over time they have been broken into and looted of everything of value. People who try to explore towards the center of the area find themselves suffering from a curse that saps their strength away and any food they carry quickly becomes rotted and decayed if not simply turning to dust. Dark, spectral apparitions have been seen haunting the region.

The creation of the region is shrouded in the mysterious events surrounding the death of Ivan, an Aasimar of Ginter. It is unknown if it was his death that created the wasteland, or even how he died. Taylor claims Ivan was killed by Brorc Bronze-Fang there. A box of rotted seeds of Fleur de Mort were found in one of the buildings, cursed with necromantic energy that left them rotted and lifeless and a magical barrier prevented them from being taken from the room where they were found. They were apparently brought there by Ivan and it is unknown if he knew of their dark potential, but he died before they could be planted.

The druid Muidos is at least partially responsible for the desolation and the maintenance of the site, apparently as part of the Council's response to prevent the spread of Fleur de Mort.

Though they weren't permanent residents, the Hungry Bois were hungry because their food supplies had been rotted away by the curse permeating the land.

A sign the Unexpectables saw in the area listed it as "Sunny Dew Farms".

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