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This page is for words and terms specific to the world of Alivast and The Unexpectables. It is not for memes or general D&D terms. Borky-isms are 100% acceptable.

[edit | edit source]

B[edit | edit source]

  • babu - orcish word for "baby"
  • Bleeding Heart - A term used by the United Clergy of Orun to describe Paladins who have been separated from their assigned Cleric. These Paladins are considered dishonored and branded with a reddish bronze emblem on their armor in the shape of a bleeding heart.
  • Bread - A baked good made from water, yeast, and flour. A staple food for most, but it makes you fat.

E[edit | edit source]

  • Eclipsed Worshiper - A derogatory moniker used by the United Clergy of Orun to describe people of the Orun faith who do not align with the Clergy's doctrines.
  • ETHEAL - A Mysterious term written on a Mending Scroll and also mentioned as "The God-Pool'" in the book Beyond the Realms of Divinity. It was later revealed to be a literal place in the feywilds, a pool of immense power that can restore and heal celestials who have been mortally wounded, potentially even restoring them from "death". Its entryway lies deep within the confines of Fleur de Mort.
  • egg stealer - a term common for both eastern and western kenku used to describe hags due to how they steal and consume children, or kenku eggs, as part of the rituals to reproduce.

K[edit | edit source]

  • knife coward - literal translation of the orcish word for assassin
  • kravon - Northlander word for raven

M[edit | edit source]

  • material plane syndrome - a phenomenon in Alivast where extraplanar beings (fiends, for example) are unable to return to their home plane and are trapped in the material plane. Beings in this state are destroyed forever if killed because they can't return to their home plane and reform their bodies.

P[edit | edit source]

  • penis - the common word for "welcome!" This was a lie told to a goblin by his superior as a joke. It was hilarious to have a goblin running down the road shouting "PENIS!" to travellers.

S[edit | edit source]

  • sun hat - derisive term for members of the United Clergy of Orun

T[edit | edit source]

  • tote adorbs - orcish term to describe a beautiful small thing.
  • touch of Noct - term for the condition where a being has an overabundance of pigmentation, leading to unusually dark, often black, skin/hair/scale color (melanism)
  • tuba - dwarven word meaning "fart machine"

U[edit | edit source]

  • Uspa's breath! - an oath commonly used by sailors or others who acknowledge to goddess of storms and weather
  • Uk'vashl - indigenous orc term for the land of Alivast. Roughly translates to "Land of Everything" because for its native peoples it was the entirety of the world until outsiders arrived.

W[edit | edit source]

  • white blessing / white curse - terms for albinism used by various cultures. In the Eastern Isles, it is the white blessing, in other parts of the world (including Alivast) it is commonly called the white curse. In some areas, including Eltmur, people traffic in the hair or other body parts of individuals with the blessing/curse to use as components for magical spells.
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