Gnomeria is the implied home country of all gnomes, with expensive, advanced magical technology at their disposal, frequently using bizarre things to control and run it all. Gnomeria is implied to be rather wealthy, as it can create large floating ships for impressive sums of gold, and high-ranking dignitaries of the state can pay for large sums of food on a whim.

Political Relationships Edit

Alivast Edit

Gnomeria owes Alivast a great debt of gratitude for helping erase the national shame of having one of their precious skyships controlled by pirates. They were also very pleased at the gift of a Heart of Nerasmun which can provide the power source for another great skyship. They are enthusiastic supporters of the new city, but their influence is limited due to distance. They have sent envoys and begun humanitarian campaigns to help ease the load of refugees on the city's tent town.

Named Locations Edit

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Notable Citizens Edit

  • Admiral Atilv of the Gnomerian Sky Fleet and Envoy to Alivast

Trivia Edit

  • Gnomeria is the most recent location of The Cabbage.
  • Fireworks were invented in Gnomeria. Whether they are chemical, alchemical, or magical is unknown.
  • MontyGlu has stated that if artificers were to exist anywhere in the world of Alivast, they'd most likely be in Gnomeria.
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