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The Great Gobbo Gourmet is a deranged goblin chef and terrorist who lives in Alivast. He is obsessed with creating living food that can attack the presumed eater for seemingly no other reason than creating chaos, using the Cookcronomicon to create his sweet minions.

His most recent attack was upon the wedding of Violet and Garagog, bringing the wedding cake to horrible life just as they were about to cut it, but was thwarted by The Unexpectables and was subsequently arrested, losing an arm and an eye in the process.

He had been in custody for his role in the "gelatinous cube incident" (or in his words, Jell-O), but had apparently had been released.

Upon the partys return to the sweet dragon after the events of Operation "Open the door, get on the floor, everybody drop the dinosaur" it appears the crackpot cook resurfaced to wreak his revenge on the Unexpectales (due to borky giving him their address) with an animated roasted turkey. His current wearabouts are unknown but it assumed he is back in prison for now...


Gobbo is a psychotic, raving madman who delights in causing chaos through confection. He cackles incessantly and in spite of the fact that he wields an obviously cursed cookbook that whispers horrific instructions into the mind of anyone that holds it.



  • Gobbo is implied to be the culprit behind the gelatinous cube that destroyed Alivast about a year ago. Apparently it was Jell-O.
  • While Borky could've easily killed Gobbo, out of character Takahata101 explicitly subdued him because he wanted him to return.
  • Gobbo's freedom when he re-offended apparently had something to do with the Racial Inclusion Program. It is unknown how this program played a role in his freedom, but Edward Enrobso made mention of a "review."
  • Gobbo may be responsible for the damage done to waffles the owlbear skin rug
  • The Cookronomicon was destroyed when Borky threw it to Doros who cut it in half with an axe.
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